Sports Betting Coming To Indiana September 1st

INDIANA -New opportunities for betting are coming Sept. 1 for Hoosiers. Sports betting on site at some casinos will be one of those opportunities. But, you will likely also be able to use your phone or a computer to place those bets.

“So, the legislature did say you could use your computer or mobile phone to place that wager. The likelihood is that will trail betting on premise by a few weeks or months because it’s harder to set up that technology,” said Matt Bell, with the Casino Assoc. of Indiana, a guest on Abdul-at-Large.

Bell said that he’s confident that you’ll be able to place such a bet, provided you’re of legal age, by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

He said the list of sports you can bet on includes collegiate and pro sports and there’s no ban on Indiana teams. He said market research helped the state put together a list that includes a wide range of sports, from traditional games like football and basketball, to more obscure sports.

“There is an interesting list and the gaming commission worked with our casino operators to say, what sports do you want to accept wagers on. As you’ve done this in other markets, where do you see the action?” said Bell.

“Professional dart-throwing is a sport that our operators get action on in some states. So, theoretically, the Hoosier citizen will have the opportunity to legally wager on dart-throwing, beginning Sept. 1.”

Bell said he won’t say whether expansions of some games is actually an expansion of betting in Indiana. For instance, he said, table games at racinos is a new opportunity, but you’ve already been able to play those games electronically.

“When it comes to sports wagering there is a booming and robust illegal market,” said Bell. “We think that a legal, authorized regulated market supplants the illegal market.

He said having sports betting as a legal form of gambling means state regulators can protect the integrity of the wagers.