Vigo County Schools To Close For “Red For Ed”

VIGO COUNTY, Ind – Vigo County Schools have announced that they will be closed on the “Red For Ed” Day coming up on November 19th.

School Corporation Spokesperson Bill Riley told us that so many teachers indicated that they would take the day off to attend organization day at the State House in Indianapolis that it would be impossible to have enough substitute teachers to staff the schools.

Teachers from across the state will gather at the Indiana State House to ask the legislature to hear their needs and address problems with education in Indiana.

South Vermillion and North Central Parke Schools will also be closed on November 19th for the rally.

Vigo County students will attend school on Friday February 14th which was a built-in snow day.

That will make up for being closed on November 19th.

A letter was sent home to parents explaining the change in the calendar. You can read that letter below:

Vigo County School Corporation “Red For Ed” Letter To Parents

Indiana public school funding ranks 47th in the nation according to the National Education Association. According to the Rockefeller Institute, Indiana ranks 51st in the country for teacher salary raises over the last 10 years. 

These numbers are part of the reason why educators, parents, and concerned citizens from across the state will gather in Indianapolis on Tuesday, November 19 for the Red For Ed Action Day at the Statehouse. November 19 is Organization Day at the Statehouse, and legislators will come together ahead of the 2020 Legislative Session to talk about priorities. Many educators in Vigo County, rightly concerned about declining state funding, have requested personal days on Tuesday, November 19 so that they may travel to Indianapolis to share their concerns with legislators ahead of the 2020 Legislative Session.

“Our teachers are charged to care for our community’s most precious gifts: our children,” said Dr. Rob Haworth, Superintendent. “In over 50 community meetings, we mentioned that teachers don’t enter the profession to be rich, but they do deserve a salary that is more competitive with neighboring states. We support our educators as they call for education to be the top priority in the 2020 Legislative Session.”

The Vigo County School Corporation will have a snow day on Tuesday, November 19. We will make the day up on our first snow makeup day on Friday, February 14. Administrative offices will remain open. 

Every day is important to the educational experience of our students, and utilizing our flexible schedule by cancelling school on November 19 and making it up on February 14 allows students to have a more significant academic experience. As of Friday morning, 46 school corporations around Indiana have made a similar decision, and we expect that number to grow.

Vigo County voters made an eight-year investment in our local school corporation on November 5.  By supporting our educators and allowing them to travel to Indianapolis on November 19, it is our hope that changes are made at the state level to make a more sustainable investment in all Indiana schools.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you and your family, but snow days always come with a degree of inconvenience. It is our hope that by letting you know as early as possible, this inconvenience can be minimized while our local educators fight for sustainable educational funding in Indiana.


Red For Ed photo  courtesy ISTA