Some Hoosiers Tell Sen Mike Braun Not To Replace RBG Just Yet

INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosier voters gathered outside Senator Mike Braun’s office Monday to ask him and other Indiana senators for one thing: wait until after the presidential election to fill Justice Ginsburg’s spot.

The event was headed up by Indianapolis City-County Councilor Ali Brown, as well as Indiana State Senate Candidates Belinda Drake and Theresa Bruno.

All three women are, in some way, part of a marginalized group. Brown and Drake both said they are members of the “queer” community. Meanwhile, Drake is also a person of color, and Bruno has a pre-existing medical condition.

Their struggles unite them — but, they say, Pres. Trump’s desire to fast-track a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, puts them all in danger.

“It’s a threat to us that Trump is talking about appointing someone to the Supreme Court … who doesn’t recognize that women have rights, who doesn’t recognize that the LGBTQ community is still struggling,” Brown said. “Trump … wants to put in an ideologue that sees more than fifty percent of the country as less than and non-deserving of rights, and that’s a problem.”

More so than harming marginalized groups of people, Bruno argues, there simply isn’t enough time to properly fill the seat Justice Ginsburg once held.

“The next Supreme Court Justice could really affect healthcare access for Hoosiers,” Bruno said. “We have forty-five days until the election, but yet, we still think we have time to fully vet a Supreme Court Justice in forty-five days? We don’t.”

Drake adds that because the next Supreme Court Justice could significantly affect healthcare for Hoosiers, many lives are on the line.

“Healthcare matters to me, and when decisions are made in the highest land of the court, it affects my communities the most: the black and brown communities,” Drake said. “We have to make sure that everybody has access to healthcare regardless of what they look like.”

For these reasons, all three women, and the Hoosiers who came with them to protest, believe senators Todd Young, Mike Braun and all other US Senators should wait until the time is right to replace former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“It’s really important, if you voted for Braun and Young, to remind them: I voted for you because you are a good and decent man,” Brown said. “I need you to appoint someone to that seat that’s good and decent.”

Brown says the best way to help is to call or email your senators.