Barry & Frank talked with Gary West Wednesday morning 10/28/20.

During his live shows Gary West delivers a dynamic and tantalizing tribute to Johnny Cash and pays homage to such legends of country music as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and others. To be clear, Gary West is NOT a Johnny Cash impersonator, though at times sounds hauntingly like “the man in black.” West is an ENTERTAINER whose sizzling stage presence has enraptured audiences from coast to coast as one of the top-billing tribute shows in the country today. The industry has taken notice of Gary West – besides being nominated for numerous prestigious awards, his music is frequently requested on top country music radio stations and he is often the subject of media outlets. Once experienced, Gary West and “For the Love of Cash” is sure to strike a chord on the heartstrings of fans of Johnny Cash – and leave a lasting impression on the minds of music lovers everywhere.

Here’s a link to Gary’s website.